2nd  week edy ~!

Back to my same routine~

The only thing change is I ever night also going out find my fren yc..

I donwan stay at home and think about you anymore.

Time pass so fast~

Everyday I still dream about same matter~

I everyday also dream that you coming back to me again…

Then I scold you….


But I think that wasn’t a good thing..

Mean that I still hope u coming back neither.

Every morning when I awake I was in a bad mood…..

Sometime  I will think ..

What u doing right now ?

Flirting girl ? since actually u very like to flirting around…

Now u can flirt many many as you like …

Some time mayb you feel that I very annoying…

The gal flirt with u very good…

Never disturb u when u work…

But she wasnot ur gf…

Sure she wont…

If she become ur gf ??

Does she did the same ??

But all these thing is non of my business….


How good if I never been tgt with u ?

Tgt 5 years u only leave..

You know how hurt is it ?

 I think u dunno…

Coz u totally no feeling..

Coz u edy don love me …

I should realize it and wake up early.

U longtime never hold my hand…

Never hug me tight..

Never gif me a goodbye kiss…

Because I grow fat ??
Because I not pretty as I was 22 ,23?


Wake up YYK~!

Something not belong to u …

U hold so hard also useless..

He edy come back and leave on 2nd time..

What should u aspect ?







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